Harley-Davidson Protection by Securecaps

American Made

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Engines having no protection - which is why SecureCaps designed a low cost, yet high impact part that now protects and secures the Harley rider no matter where they go.

The SecureCap locks the engines oil system, like a locking gas cap does for the gas tank on a vehicle or bike. Unlike the gas tank, the oil tanks are the life blood to an engine and are just sitting dogs for thugs or disgruntled people to destroy in seconds without anyone seeing. SecureCaps protects and secures your engine every time!

Being aware of your surroundings can literally be the difference in $3,000.00 to $99.00 today.

SecureCaps is proudly made in the USA. Before you set off for your ride, remember to secure your engine with SecureCaps.

SecureCaps keeps your engine safe and secure every time!

SecureCap protects, handles horsepower & torque with no wobbles or weeping. The caps are sleek, functional, triple plated chromes and American Made.